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'K Balewa' performed

The 6:00 to 9:00 Wednesday-morning Show-Host over New Orleans' WWOZ delivered grace for decades.

    						K. Balewa 
Every Wednesday morning over WWOZ,
The voice of K. Balewa
Sounded like Africa / Brass,
Dulcet and strong, 
Swinging and bold and kindly, 
As he brought us selections from 
John Coltrane, Sarah Vaughn, Abbey Lincoln,
Alvin Batiste, Nicholas Payton, Diana Krall,
Kidd Jordan, Donald Harrison, Jr.. Stan Getz,
George French, Germaine Bazzle, Chucho Valdes, Art Blakey, ... 
And many, many more 
Of that shimmering tapestry 
Delivered up out of bondage, 
Mélange, and freedom, 
New Orleans still rippling out 
Pilgrims’ triumphs 
And wonders to a needy world. 
K. Balewa also gave us the weather
At Louis Ar grees, wind-speed, and forecast, 
And here too his measured, melodic,
Dulcet and strong voice sounded like
He was glad as Africa / Brass
To perform a service. 
K. Balewa, thank you,
Volunteer, for making the trip
From Gonzalez and after you drove Cab, 
Every Wednesday morning. 
Three hours
You gave us history 
Of the most generous 
And hence female art-form. 
Player! Bearer! 
Shimmering, you. too! 
Smoking like you meant it! 
K. Balewa, you another voice we’ll always hear. 
				First, April 2016
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Stands the Human Being
Stands the Human Being
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